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A Helping Hand in Tough Times

You devote yourself to your farm because it’s your livelihood. When damage and loss occur, it’s you and your family who are affected. Community Insurance of Iowa is here to stand with you in tough times to ensure you, your family and your farm are taken care of.

Crop insurance helps protect your cash flow so it doesn’t suffer because of natural disaster or negative changes in the price of your crops. Our agents are experienced in working with our clients to determine the most important coverage areas to ensure all your crops are protected.


Crop Insurance Options

We offer many different types of crop insurance for your agribusiness. With these options working for you, you are protected from damages and losses caused by Mother Nature and the market. The most popular crop insurance options are:

Crop-Yield Insurance- this insurance option covers losses to your crops from certain natural disasters like droughts and floods, as well as damages from insects or disease in your crops.

Crop-Revenue Insurance- this form of crop insurance protects you from loss associated with the price of your crops that occur during that specific crop’s growing season.

Crop-Hail Insurance- while most hailstorms are short lived, the damage to your crops can be permanent, making crop-hail coverage vital to the success of your agribusiness.

Many other crop insurance options are available upon request.

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There is never a bad time to discuss your crop insurance needs. Our agents are here to work with you one-on-one to understand your exact needs and provide a comprehensive crop insurance package and an affordable price.

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